We don’t do websites.We do success stories.

Don’t blend in when you can stand out. Our expert web design services deliver stunning sites – from e-commerce to international sites – that deliver results. We're Cyber Essentials Certified and Certifed WP Engine Agency Partners. 100% made in the UK.

Web design and UX / UI

From wireframes and prototypes to high-definition interface design – we offer an A to Z of web design.

Web development

In-house web development 100% built from the ground up. Fully bespoke. WP Engine Agency Partners.

WordPress development

We're WordPress experts, creating international and UK sites for consumer and B2B brands at scale.

eCommerce websites

We build brilliant eCommerce sites. WooCommerce. Shopify. We're Cyber Essentials Certified.

Awesome WordPress sites from a Certified WP Engine Partner.

We believe that truly successful websites are greater than the sum of their parts. Brilliant design. Fantastic engineering. Effective SEO. Authentic content. Working together to create more than just a web site.

At Submerge, our professional web design services are tailored to our clients’ goals. Whether building e-commerce stores, international multi-sites, or web apps and services, our Hertfordshire-based team has decades of experience building websites that are fast, efficient and that drive success.

Web design is more than just creating visually appealing layouts. It’s about designing a digital experience for your customers. We blend aesthetics with functionality, creating websites that not only resonate with your brand’s ethos but also facilitate smooth user interactions, driving engagement, conversions and sales.

The result? Fully bespoke, robustly engineered WordPress sites that integrate seamlessly with platforms such as HubSpot. No wonder we’re a recognised WP Engine Agency Partner.

SEMrush Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner providing professional, tailored and high-performing SEO services.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified WP Engine Agency Partner, designing and building websites optimised for search.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

Web Design

We have an established, robust web design pipeline – designing, prototyping and creating UX and UI that is 100% bespoke to you. We don’t use off-the-shelf themes. We don’t do cookie cutter designs.

Everything we design and create is in-house at our Hertfordshire web studio. We use tools such as Figma and Adobe XD to involve clients at every stage with web design that brings your ideas, brand and business to life.

  • WP Engine Partner.
  • 100% UK web team.
  • Bespoke tailored designs.
  • Full design pipeline.

Web Development

We engineer and develop websites for all types of business and industry – from large-scale eLearning sites to international eCommerce sites.

We use industry-leading web development platforms such as ACF Pro, the Bootstrap framework, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML. We build safe, secure sites with full staging, WordFence WAF security, access control and supported by our in-house SEO and content teams.

  • WP Engine Partner.
  • Cyber Essentials.
  • 100% bespoke builds.
  • ACF Pro and WordPress.

eCommerce Web Development

Sell everything, beautifully. We build bulletproof, high-converting eCommerce sites and online stores – from UK brands to global business sites for international customers.

We’re WooCommerce experts, including customised WooCommerce product pages, shopping carts, payment gateways and account management. We take customer data seriously, that’s why we’re Cyber Essentials Certified.

  • WooCommerce stores.
  • International sales.
  • Payment gateways.
  • 100% secure sites.

Website Platforms

WordPress experts. HubSpot gurus. WooCommerce masters. Shopify wizards. We create sites across all major leading platforms, and we’re fully certified WP Engine Agency Partners – recognising our expertise in WordPress development.

We work with all platforms – migrating sites from Joomla and Mambo through to Contentful CMS and headless CMS platforms. We integrate with most common marketing platforms – from Google Analytics to HubSpot.

  • WP Engine Certified.
  • WordPress CMS experts.
  • HubSpot integration.
  • Site migration services.


A brilliant user experience keeps customers coming back for more. We specialise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that brings your brand to life and supports your digital marketing goals.

We deploy the whole UX / UI lifecycle – from user research, brand guidelines, wireframing and prototyping through to high-fidelity interface design, testing and deployment.

  • User interface (UI).
  • User experience (UX).
  • Brand guidelines.
  • Wireframes & prototypes.
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Web design is a crucial component of your digital presence.

It’s not just about crafting visually appealing websites but also about creating an intuitive and satisfying user experience. In fact, 94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design.


Of consumers rate usability as an important design factor.


Increase in time on site through effective web design.


Of users will leave a website because of poor functionality.


of first impressions relate to your site’s web design.

Source HubSpot

"It was a great experience and achievement – and so glad that we chose Submerge."

Mike Stevens, Chief Executive, Praxis42

We're a certified web development agency in Hertfordshire, developing sites for major UK and international brands.

Your website often serves as the first point of contact with your potential customers. Submerge designs, engineers and deploys incredible websites that strengthen your brand, build trust and drive conversions.

We’re a web design agency that understands the importance of combining aesthetics with functionality. Whether it’s planning the site layout, choosing the right colour schemes, or ensuring responsiveness across devices, we create web solutions that cater to your audience’s needs and align with your business goals. Good web design is the cornerstone of a successful online presence.

Web design is more than just creating visually appealing layouts; it’s about designing a digital experience for your users. We merge aesthetics with functionality, creating websites that not only resonate with your brand’s ethos but also facilitate smooth user interactions. Our web design services promise a captivating, user-friendly, and responsive digital home for your brand.

Grow organic traffic at scale

Expand commercial keywords

Increase search ranking visibility

Responsive design? Check. Secure eCommerce stores? Check. WP Engine Certifed. Oh yes!

We create unique web sites just for you. You won't get a reused, cookie-cutter site from us. We never, ever use off-the-shelf website themes. Everything we design, develop and build is 100% bespoke to your requirements – and we involve you at every step of the way.

You need a fast website to compete. We avoid bloat and create sites that smash Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse scores.

Faster is better. Google uses site load and page load speed as a ranking signal. We build sites that load quickly and allow customers to start interacting from the get go. We don't use page builders for client sites – avoid site bloat, complex scripting and padded code. Instead, we minify CSS and JavaScript, and use CDN services such as CloudFlare to deliver fast, effective sites.

  • Fast-loading websites tuned for SEO.
  • Bespoke coding with reduced bloat.
  • CloudFlare CDN for speedy global serving.

Our Content Marketing Services

Web Design

We design beautiful, brand enhancing web sites that are 100% bespoke to your business. We don't do cookie cutter sites or off-the-shelf templates – each design is unique.


Brilliant UX and UI are at the heart of what we do – functional and feature-rich interfaces that provide a seamless, friction-free user experience boosting sales and engagement.


Our web design process includes full wireframing, building sitemaps and wireframe mockups of web pages. This helps visualise and refine the overall design before we hit development.

WordPress Development

We're Certified WP Engine Agency Partners with decades of experience building WordPress sites – from smaller SMEs to global sites – including eCommerce, B2B and B2C sites.

eCommerce Sites

Safe. Secure. Effective. Our online eCommerce site builds use WooCommerce or Shopify to create effective online stores – from digital products to physical deliveries.

Mobile Responsive

We're mobile first and use industry-leading tools such as BrowserStack to test across 3,000 different mobile devices, ensuring your responsive website shines on the go.

Bootstrap Framework

We use the BootStrap Framework in development, providing industry-standard development design frameworks to ensure your site is accessible and works across all devices.

Secure Web Development

We're committed to developing safe, secure sites. We use platforms such as WordFence for robust Web Application Firewalls, along with CloudFlare to reduce DDoS attacks and site hacks.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We're Cyber Essentials Certified to National Cyber Security Centre standard. That means our systems and processes are certified to put data security and access control first.

Website Migration

Moving website domain or changing your site's brand or URL structure can be complex. We handle full site migrations – from 301 redirects, DNS support and moving between site hosts.

Website Content

Submerge's in-house UK-based content team provides a range of project support – from landing pages and copywriting to product descriptions, photography and video.

Website Optimisation

Speed up your site with our optimisation services, reducing code bloat, shrinking scripts, and our dedicated in-house SEO team can help Google crawl and index your site better.

Web Design FAQs

Web design is primarily focused on the look and feel of a website, ensuring that it provides a good user experience. This includes elements such as layout, colour schemes, and graphics.

On the other hand, web development involves the actual building and functionality of a website. This often entails using coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A responsive website adjusts to fit the screen size of the device it’s viewed on. This involves adjusting the website’s layout, images, and styles to fit perfectly on any screen, be it a computer, tablet, or phone.

The main goal of responsive web design is to make websites user-friendly and easily accessible on any device without requiring excessive zooming or scrolling. It’s essential for providing a good user experience and achieving high search engine rankings.

The time to design and launch a website can vary. Typically, a basic website might take 4-8 weeks from start to finish, while more complex projects take up to six months. More complex sites with custom features can take longer. The timeline also depends on the number of iterations and the amount of feedback provided.

Our projects generally tend to take around 3-4 months, including scoping, UX/UI, development, UAT and QA testing, content and SEO.

Yes, most modern websites can integrate with a range of business systems. During the planning or scoping phase, it’s essential to provide details about your current systems to ensure smooth integration.

Typical web development projects at Submerge will include integrations into systems such as CRM, inventory and data analysis. We’ve integrated platforms and systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, MailChimp and more.

Templates can be cost-effective and quick, but they might not offer the uniqueness or specific functionality you want.

Custom designs are tailored to your needs, providing a distinctive look and often better aligning with your brand identity. The best choice depends on your budget, timeline, and specific requirements.

At Submerge, we don’t use off-the-shelf templates or pre-built commercial templates. We don’t use page builders as these can dramatically slow your site down.

Instead, every web design we create is entirely bespoke for you and your business. That means unique, beautiful and custom designs that bring your brand and your business to life.

Partnering with a web design agency offers a range of benefits to help you maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

These include:

  • Custom design – Web design agencies can provide a custom design that aligns with your brand and meets your specific business needs.
  • Experienced experts – Skilled designers with extensive experience in creating effective and attractive websites will guide you through the project.
  • Holistic approach – Agencies offer comprehensive services, including website design, SEO, content creation, and more. This provides a cohesive and well-rounded web strategy.
  • Save time and money – All aspects of your website design, from conceptualisation to implementation, will be taken care of.
  • Ongoing support – Post-launch, you will be offered continued support and maintenance, ensuring your website runs smoothly.

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