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Want to make your website one of the first to pop up on Google and become a go-to, trusted source of information? Discover our SEO agency services and how they can boost your business’s traffic, trust and visibility.

SEO audits and analysis

Data-led digital marketing built on real insights that get you ahead of competitors.

SEO strategy & planning

100% UK-based in-house creative, UX / UI, content, development and design teams.

On-page & technical

Our high-performing development, SEO and PPC teams optimise campaigns and results.

Backlinks & SERPs

On time, on budget and 100% tailored to your business with in-depth analytics and reporting.

Our SEO agency services are an organic traffic magnet.

Without SEO, your business could struggle to reach customers online. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about more than just getting to the top of search engine results. It’s about understanding your business’s goals, the challenges and opportunities in your industry, and how your audience can find your solutions.

Submerge’s 100% UK-based dedicated SEO team is passionate about ensuring that when your potential customers search for services or products you provide, it’s your brand they discover. Our suite of SEO agency services ensures your website ranks highly and converts visitors into loyal customers. We continuously refine and optimise SEO strategies, keeping your business ahead of Google's algorithms.

SEMrush Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner providing professional, tailored and high-performing SEO services.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified WP Engine Agency Partner, designing and building websites optimised for search.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

SEO audits

Get your site discovered with our extensive SEO audits that fix technical issues, boost site speed and enhance crawlability – helping grow traffic and provide a brilliant user experience. We’re Certified SEMrush Agency Partners and provide SEO audits to major B2B and B2C brands and ecommerce sites.

  • Technical SEO audits
  • SEO page audits
  • Backlink audits
  • SEO competitor analysis

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO services get your website found, crawled by Google and ranked in search results. We believe that a strong online presence is built from the ground up. From refining XML sitemaps, optimising site speed and ensuring mobile responsiveness, to setting up a secure and accessible website – every detail matters.

  • Site speed optimisation
  • Site structure analysis
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Schema markup

On page SEO

Improve search engine rankings and optimise site pages for Google search. Our professional on-page SEO services can help create SEO success that boosts visibility and organic traffic. From optimising website pages, fixing SEO issues and improving page ranking, on-page SEO helps Google crawl, understand and index your website.

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Internal link building
  • Schema markup

eCommerce SEO

Looking to grow your online store and boost sales? Discover Submerge’s comprehensive eCommerce SEO agency services – from product listing optimisation to link building and funnel optimisation – to see how they win customers, drive conversations and increase sales.

  • eCommerce SEO audits
  • Optimised product pages
  • Product backlinking
  • Technical eCommerce

Web site migration

Site migration without the hassle. Our SEO experts are specialists in successful site migrations, reducing traffic loss and preventing search engine ranking falls. From 301 redirects and full domain transfers to comprehensive site migrations into international global multisites, our SEO have migrated large scale B2B, B2C and eCommerce sites.

  • Technical site migration
  • Migration SEO audits
  • Migration monitoring
  • Backlink protection
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High-performing, supercharged SEO success.

We grow relevant, high-intent organic traffic to major national and international consumer, business and e-commerce websites.


Of web traffic is organic, making it the most common type of traffic to websites.


Of marketers use strategic keywords as their number #1 SEO strategy.


Of marketers use keyword rankings and organic traffic as success measures.


Of site traffic to e-commerce stores tends to be organic and the biggest channel.

“Submerge are SEO gurus – they go above and beyond.”

Julia Haycocks, Brew Republic Marketing Manager

Our SEO agency services take your web traffic – and business – to new heights.

Our SEO work speaks for itself – with our top-flight, revenue-generating SEO performance impact with a few of our select clients shown right. Real clients. Real results.

No wonder our SEO clients love working with us – we lift their sites to new heights, increasing search visibility, organic revenue and overall bottom line.

By strategically and carefully structuring your website, creating keyword-rich, linkable content, and conducting regular audits to determine more successful next steps, your business can outrank competitors with targeted actions and data-driven insights.

But for sustained SEO success, you need the manpower and resources to stay on top of your website’s SEO needs, and the flexibility to pivot as your SEO priorities shift and develop. As an SEO agency with an expert SEO team, we can do just that.

Using our SEO services, your business can benefit from a totally SEO-optimised website, higher targeted keyword rankings, better SERP visibility, and increased customer trust and industry reputation. All that will generate higher conversions, boost organic traffic and drive sales.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Grow organic traffic at scale

Expand commercial keywords

Increase search ranking visibility

Our SEO agency services are a game-changer for sites looking to grow traffic.

When executed correctly, SEO dramatically boosts website visibility, drives a steady stream of organic traffic, increases conversion rates, and boosts credibility and customer trust as searchers often associate high SERP rankings with industry authority.

Get results-driven success

SEO offers valuable insights into user behaviour and market trends. By optimising for both desktop and mobile, as well as local and voice search, SEO can further amplify your brand’s reach. SEO is an invaluable tool for fostering growth, building brand reputation and ensuring long-term digital success.

  • Increase brand trust and credibility
  • Boost SERP visibility and ranking
  • Better meet your customers' needs

Our SEO agency services

SEO Site Audits

In-depth analysis of site performance using tools such as Screaming Frog and SEMrush – from backlinks and technical issues to on-page and SERPs – designed to boost site performance.

Technical SEO

Enterprise-grade SEO technical support designed to speed up your site, boost Google crawls and indexing, fix critical issues and ensure your site performs as well as possible in search.

On Page SEO

SEO content services from our 100% in-house expert content team. From landing pages and product pages to guides and blogs, get on-page content that engages customers and ranks in search results.

eCommerce SEO

Get your store discovered by relevant customers with a high purchase intent. Expert product SEO, product description optimisation and brilliant CRO that boosts sales.

Website Migration SEO

Migrating your site? Our SEO experts reduce risks of traffic decline, set up 301 redirects, retain backlinks, fix technical SEO errors and put your new site on the front foot.

SEO Link Building

We're a whitehat SEO link building agency. We build high-quality, authentic backlinks from valuable, trusted domains to your site with brilliant, engaging content.

SEO Strategy

We build comprehensive SEO strategies that fit into a multichannel marketing plan. In-depth competitor, gap and market analysis that delivers your SEO roadmap for success.

International SEO

We create international SEO programmes that get your site performing globally. We know our hreflang from our multisites, building effective sites that deliver worldwide.

SEO Content

We create content that ranks highly in search. Backed with in-depth data, market and competitor analysis, we create SEO content that people search for, engage with and convert from.

SEO Keyword Research

Stop guessing and start winning. We assess and identify keyword opportunities and competitive gaps. We optimise content to rank for 'must win' high-value commercial keywords.

SEO Site Optimisation

We bring technical, content and link building together to truly optimise sites for SEO. From internal linking structures to maximising crawl budgets, our holistic approach to SEO gets results.

SEO Tracking and Reporting

We take the guesswork out of SEO. Comprehensive, accessible client SEO performance dashboards track how your site is doing, what competitors are up to, and where to focus your efforts.

SEO agency services FAQs.

An SEO agency is a specialised firm dedicated to improving a website’s visibility in search engine results.

Through a combination of technical expertise, industry research and content strategy, these agencies enhance a website’s organic reach, targeting users who are actively searching for relevant products or services. An SEO agency’s role spans beyond mere keyword optimisation; it involves in-depth site audits, backlink analysis, on-page and off-page optimisation, and continuous monitoring of site performance.

By staying updated with ever-evolving search engine algorithms and trends, these agencies ensure that businesses remain competitive, credible and accessible in the digital world, leading to increased web traffic and potential revenue growth.

We don’t want to sound biased, but yes! Every business, regardless of its size or industry, can benefit from partnering with an SEO agency. Here’s why:

  1. Expertise: SEO is complex, with search engine algorithms frequently updating. An agency possesses the technical know-how and keeps up of these changes to ensure your business remains visible and competitive.
  2. Resource allocation: SEO demands plenty of time and consistent effort. By entrusting this task to experts, your internal team can focus on core business functions.
  3. ROI: A well-executed SEO strategy drives organic traffic, often leading to higher conversions. Given that these users are actively searching for products or services you offer, the potential for a strong return on investment is significant.
  4. Insights and analysis: SEO agencies provide actionable insights, from audience behaviour to competitor analysis, helping refine your broader digital strategy.
  5. Future-proofing: With voice search, mobile optimisation and other emerging trends, an SEO agency ensures your business is prepared for the evolving digital landscape.

In essence, while you may have the ability to manage some SEO elements in-house, an agency offers specialised skills, tools and more knowledge that can make a measurable difference in your online visibility and overall growth.

Choosing the right SEO agency is crucial for your business’s digital success. Here’s a few things to consider to help you make the right choice:

  1. Define your goals: Understand what you want to achieve with SEO, be it increased organic traffic, higher conversions, or improved online visibility. This will help you align with an agency that specializes in your specific needs.
  2. Check reviews and testimonials: Past clients’ experiences can provide insights into the agency’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Ask for case studies: A reputable agency should be able to showcase previous successful projects, preferably in your industry.
  4. Services offered: Ensure the agency provides a comprehensive suite of SEO services, including on-page, off-page, technical SEO and continuous monitoring.
  5. Communication: Establish how often you’ll receive updates and reports. Effective communication is vital for transparency and smooth collaboration.
  6. SEO techniques: Avoid agencies that promise quick results or employ black-hat SEO tactics – these can harm your website in the long run.
  7. Pricing: While cost shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, ensure the pricing is transparent and aligns with industry standards. Beware of prices that are too good to be true.
  8. Ask questions: Gauge the agency’s expertise by asking about their strategies, expected timelines, tools they use and how they stay updated with SEO trends.
  9. Culture fit: Your partnership will be more effective if the agency’s culture and values resonate with yours.

Remember, a good SEO agency prioritises your business goals, communicates transparently, and uses ethical practices to achieve sustainable growth.

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