Copywriting services.Chapter and verse.

Effective copywriting. It’s the difference between existing and thriving. Following or leading. Creating emotion or eliciting a shrug. Connect with your customers Submerge’s copywriting services – purposeful, powerful writing that brings your brand to life.

SEO copywriting

Boost website traffic, increase ranking and improve clickthrough rates with actionable copywriting.

Website copywriting

Add some va-va-voom to your website landing pages – from irresistible CTAs to on-brand messaging.

Social media posts

Make your social profile work smarter, and harder. Brilliant, sharable posts that grow followers.

Product copywriting

Product descriptions that perform. Words that sell. Copy that converts. You get idea – and so does our team.

Brilliant writers. Expert wordsmiths. Weve been there and done that.

Sharing products and services with customers is a must. Convincing customers to use them is a skill. Making your business stand out from your competitors is vital to business success.

Submerge’s copywriting services do just that, weaving together creativity, powerful sentiments and strategic word choices for maximum impact. To us, copywriting is the foundation of content marketing. Crafting compelling and relevant content that resonates with your target audience and search engines lets businesses reach that unique intersection between user appeal and SEO that pushes your content out to a wider audience and helps you achieve your business goals.

With our team of expert copywriters and SEO experts, Submerge is committed to helping businesses make a powerful digital impact through content that drives visibility, engagement and conversions.

Copywriting is a critical tool in your digital marketing toolbox. Our bespoke copywriting services cover everything from SEO-optimised blog posts to product descriptions to social media – whatever your business needs. Many of Submerge’s in-house UK-based team are drawn from major media publications, broadcast, PR and copy agencies. We craft copy for both national and international B2B and B2C brands.

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We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner – giving you a fast track to tried and tested SEO experts.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a Certified WP Engine Agency Partner delivering professional SEO-ready web development at scale.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

SEO Copywriting

SEO can only be a benefit to a business, and when combined with effective copy, can increase website health and online visibility. The goal is to create content that ranks highly in SERP, driving more organic traffic to your website while also encouraging your audience to take action.

We balance creativity with SEO best practices, ensuring your copy is not only engaging and relatable to readers but is also optimised to get the best SERP results. Our SEO copywriting services are designed to enhance your digital presence, drive organic traffic and boost your business growth by positioning your business as the only solution to your target audience’s problem.

  • Effective copy that ranks and converts on Google.
  • Credible, expert content that also engages.
  • Avoid spammy, click-bait copy and penalty risks.

Website Copywriting

By using persuasive, clear and engaging copy, your business can better represent itself while also encouraging your target audience to take action, like using your products or services (we’re doing it right now…). Our goal is to transform your website into a powerful tool that drives conversions and grows your business, your copy showcasing your brand’s unique voice.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your existing website or you need to start from scratch, our team of experienced copywriters can create compelling, SEO-optimised copy that boosts your website’s SEO visibility and persuades visitors to buy.

Social Media Copywriting

“Social media counts as copywriting? I thought it was just social media!”

Every post your business shares on a social media platform is designed to encourage action, from asking them to like to post to follow your account. At Submerge, we combine creativity and data to produce compelling, evidence-based social media content in a range of formats across platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our social media and content teams work together to create engaging, brand-aligned copy that sounds just like you, designed to resonate with your audience and encourage engagement.

  • Create sharable, responsive social media posts.
  • Keep on-brand with our tone of voice support.
  • Maximise social media assets, images and video.

Product & eCommerce Copywriting

If your product descriptions aren’t up to scratch, you’re only helping your competitors to profit.

When you focus on your customers’ perspectives and needs, you can transform ordinary product details into engaging narratives. Not only do you want product copy to make your products and services sound as amazing as they are, but you also want to position them as the only solution your target audience needs to solve their problem.

Our copywriting team understands this – that your product descriptions have to be more than just words. We create compelling, detailed and SEO-friendly descriptions that captivate your target audience and inspire purchase decisions.

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It’s more than just words on a screen. Great copywriting defines your product, your business and your brand.

Copywriting needs to capture attention and convey to your target audience that you intimately understand their needs and problems, and that your products are services are the only solution.

Our copywriting services bring together decades of content experience working with major national and international brands in both B2B and B2c.


Increase in website bounce rate as a result of copywriting errors on page.


Of marketers use repurposed content on social media as part of a multichannel approach.


Of businesses reported that effective SEO optimisation boosted their success – and sales.


Increase in customer conversion rates as a result of personalised calls to action.

"Highly recommended as professional SEO and digital content experts."

Tim Pethick, Founder, Zero Zilch Zip

Great copywriting can define your product, your business and your brand.

Position your business as the solution to your target audience's problems. Our copywriting services bring together decades of content experience working with major national and international brands in both B2B and B2C.

  • Create credible, valuable content.
  • Connect with customer needs.
  • Engage better with customers.

It’s more than just words on a screen.

Copywriting needs to capture attention and convey to your target audience that you intimately understand their needs and problems, and that your products are services are the only solution.

Do it successfully and the benefits of copywriting are powerful stuff. Improved customer relationships. Increased engagement. Enhanced credibility. Higher SEO rankings leading to more traffic and higher conversion rates. All delivered in a joined-up, authentic brand tone of voice voice.

Copywriting - FAQs

Although they are both key elements involved in digital and content marketing, copywriting and content writing have very different aims and require differing approaches.

Copywriting aims to persuade and compel the reader to take a specific action. This might be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or booking a consultation. The language used in copywriting tends to be punchy, engaging, and highly persuasive, focusing on the benefits and the unique value of your specific product or service in relation to the reader’s emotions and needs.

Content writing is about providing value to the reader through informative, educational or entertaining content. Its goal is to engage the reader and build a relationship with them while establishing authority or credibility over time. Content writing might involve creating blog posts, articles, guides and whitepapers.

The short answer is – everyone!

Regardless of the product or service you’re selling, the industry you are in and the type of organisation you are, copywriting services can benefit you in a number of ways, from increasing conversion rates, to building brand identity, to boosting SEO rankings.

We successfully provide copywriting services to a number of organisations across numerous industries, from beverages to corporate compliance, so you know our copywriting team can take on any challenge you have.

Simply put, copywriting is the craft of writing text for various forms of marketing communications. It’s about creating persuasive, appealing, and engaging content to attract prospective clients or customers. This content could be anything from website copy, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, social media updates, to advertisement scripts and more.

The principal goal? To drive people to take specific action, like purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, or just raising awareness about a particular issue or cause.

An effective piece of copy doesn’t just sell, it tells a story, it informs and it inspires. It’s the compelling voice of a brand, interacting with consumers in meaningful and memorable ways.

At the core, copywriters create, modify and plan words that are used in advertisements, digital content, print materials and other marketing communications. We’re professionals with an exceptional mastery over the language, able to harness its power to convince, captivate and communicate.

One of a copywriter’s key responsibilities is to understand our client’s brief thoroughly. This involves dissecting your needs, deciphering your objectives and translating this understanding into compelling words. A good deal of research is often required at Submerge to gather all the necessary information about your product or service, target audience demographics, your industry and your competitors.

Once done, copywriters use this information to develop an effective communication strategy. This includes defining the tone of voice, style and narrative that will resonate best with the target audience and align with the brand’s personality and goals.

The actual writing process is where the magic happens. Here, our copywriters create engaging and persuasive content for a variety of marketing materials. This could include writing for websites, crafting emails for marketing campaigns, developing scripts for radio or video adverts, writing blog posts, creating social media updates and even concocting catchy slogans.

But it’s not just about writing. Substantial time is spent reviewing and editing to ensure that the copy is not only grammatically perfect but also hits the mark in terms of engaging and persuading the target audience. Our copywriters ensure that the written content aligns perfectly with the brand voice as well as the chosen marketing strategy, creatively delivering the brand’s message in the most impactful way possible.

Copywriters also need to be adept at SEO strategies – and our team works closely with our in-house SEO teams. They must incorporate relevant keywords seamlessly into their writing to help their client’s content rank higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to their website or blog.

Our copywriters often work closely with graphic designers, marketing managers and digital strategists to create cohesive and effective marketing campaigns. This collaboration requires excellent communication and teamwork skills.

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