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About us

Content with purpose

Brilliant SEO. Amazing results

Great content demands professional content creators. Submerge brings together some of the best creative talent from the UK media. Our team of editors, writers, designers, SEO and social media experts deliver high-quality, successful content across all channels.


Our approach is unique. We use sector specialists and media professionals who really know your industry. Rather than rely on junior copywriters found in many SEO agencies who churn out lightweight keyword-heavy content, we use expert writers who know your audience. Our content team are seasoned professionals, and our SEO is both effective and credible.


The result is authentic SEO content marketing. It’s content that your customers can trust, and it’s content that gets to the top of Google search results and boosts your organic traffic. With Submerge, you get the best of both worlds – brilliant content and superb SEO.

Professional SEO

The Submerge team has over 20 years’ experience creating SEO and content marketing for some of the biggest brands in the UK. We’re experts at creating content that reaches millions of people across digital and social media.

Deep understanding

We know what makes SEO and content marketing work. We plan, develop and deliver content tailored to target audiences, and use content to drive engagement with your brand. It’s intelligent, insight-driven content delivered by SEO experts.

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Content with purpose

Don’t waste precious budget on thin content that audiences reject. We create compelling content with purpose, helping enrich, inform and entertain customers while increasing the effectiveness of SEO and content marketing campaigns.

Content marketing and SEO

Delivering effective SEO for major brands

We’re a content marketing agency that loves the power of great content. We believe that the best content has a clear purpose and great SEO. This belief comes from the years we’ve spent publishing, editing and writing for some of the largest magazines and websites in the UK. Our content has informed, inspired and entertained millions of people. We’re accredited content specialists and members of the Content Marketing Association.

We’ve transferred our media expertise to major UK brands. We believe that all brands can be publishers. We know that great content and SEO can attract customers and deliver a positive ROI. You business deserves better than poorly written, thin content that doesn’t perform. Your business needs content that customers trust, that gets results, and that is authentic and effective.

Content that makes a difference

Content marketing experts

Submerge was established with a simple goal: deliver brilliant content that connects customers with brands, supported by the passion, professionalism and excellence earned working in the media for over 20 years. As a team, we’ve published, edited and written for some of the biggest magazines, newspapers and websites in UK. We’ve extensive writing, commissioning and content creation experience, and know what it takes to deliver riveting content across channels. Content strategy experts, we’ve developed highly successful content marketing plans for FTSE 250 brands, government, retail and charities across the UK.

We’re brave, bold and expert problem solvers. We help brands position themselves in their market and develop a deep relationship with customers. We work in partnership and love collaborating with all types of teams. We strive to understand your goals, investing in customer and market research so we really get to know your customers. We constantly evaluate and measure our performance, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible ROI.

We’ve worked with clients big and small – from fashion brands to government departments, from publishers to financial institutions. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, with a diverse set of content marketing needs and different audiences – from local communities to holidaymakers to entrepreneurs. Our approach and deep audience understanding means we quickly get to solutions for our clients, developing quick wins and longer-term strategies to support business goals. The result is great communication and a strong relationship between clients and customers.