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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

Want to maximise your digital marketing efforts with key analytics in 2024? Learn what data to leverage to make well-informed decisions and drive business growth.

Website design and SEO

10 reasons to redesign your website for SEO

Create a winning online presence with a well-designed and SEO-optimised site. Discover how website design and SEO can drive business growth.

HubSpot vs Salesforce - boxing gloves - fight - featured image

HubSpot vs Salesforce – which CRM is best for your business?

Find out which CRM tool is right for your business – HubSpot vs Salesforce – with our comprehensive guide to each platform.

travel seo tips guide - featured map image

Essential SEO tips for travel businesses

Boost your travel business with our effective travel SEO strategies and enhance your website's visibility to attract more travellers.

Why brand stories matter – creating content that connects

How can storytelling help when you're creating content for your brand? Tell your own brand stories and make a meaningful connection with your audience.

The ultimate guide to SEO web page design

Ensuring your site’s design is optimised for search engines has become just as critical – if not more important – than how it looks.

Successful SEO – the importance of long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords play an important part of a successful SEO Strategy as they offer a clear snapshot of someone’s search intent.

Brand trust: 5 steps to building (and keeping) brand trust

Brand trust is vital to the health and bottom line of a business. Here are five essential steps every business should take boost customer trust in a brand.

Best free SEO tools – 10 SEO tools everyone should use

From backlinks to keyword tools and site crawlers - our guide to the best free SEO tools that will have save money and boost SEO performance.

Customer loyalty – 6 effective ways content boosts loyalty

Boost customer loyalty to increase customer retention and spend. Six easy steps to engage customers and keep them coming back.

Submerge joins the Content Marketing Association

We're proud to announce that we have joined the Content Marketing Association for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies.

Pull marketing: why engaging customers pays dividends

Learn how pull marketing can attract and engage customers, building brand trust and customer loyalty for the long-term success of your business.

Content marketing techniques brands can learn from publishers

Five content marketing techniques that publishers have mastered - and that every brand should adopt to improve content marketing performance.

6 reasons why business needs content marketing

Six reasons why content marketing works for businesses - from building brand trust to using content marketing to lower paid-for marketing spend.

Data vs creativity – is Sir John Hegarty right?

Brands are risk adverse. Ads are boring. Creative marketing is losing out to marketing data according to advertising legend Sir John Hegarty.

7 tips to drive social media engagement for businesses

Social media engagement pays dividends. Learn how to improve social media engagement and get customers to post, follow, like and share more.

GDPR – content strategies to win and retain customers

Get ahead of GDPR. Essential content marketing strategies all businesses should use to win and retain more customers in a GDPR world.

How to create an editorial calendar for content marketing

A content calendar is an essential tool for marketing teams. Learn how to create an editorial calendar for your content marketing activities.