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There’s more to paid social media than throwing money behind every other post so everyone can see it. Take up the space your brand deserves and put it in front of the right people with Submerge’s paid social agency services.

Paid social strategy

Set clear goals, identify your target audience, set your budget to support your paid social media strategy.

Social media ad creative

We create brilliant, engaging, sharable ads – from video and photography to animation.

Paid social management

We manage complete social media campaigns (including organic) for end-to-end paid social account management.

Influencer collaboration

We find, hire and co-create content with leading social media influencers – igniting your brand.

Awesome creative. Bespoke content. Paid social agency management.

Our paid social agency services are a proven way of successfully putting your brand in front of your target audience, making your voice louder than your competitors who’re all saying the same things.

Unlike organic social media, which relies on naturally building your audience over time, paid social media involves “sponsoring” your posts on social media platforms so they can be seen by more people than they would be organically.

Our paid social media services encompass a wide range of paid social media strategies, tailored to fit your brand’s unique needs and objectives. We work across all major social platforms – Reddit, X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok. Right platform for the right audience.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or convert visitors into customers, our team is skilled at crafting engaging, impactful ads and boosted social posts that resonate with your target audience.

SEMrush Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner – giving you a fast track to tried and tested PPC experts.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a Certified WP Engine Agency Partner delivering professional PPC landing pages for CRO.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

Paid Social Marketing Strategy

Paid social strategy involves outlining clear objectives, identifying your target audience and determining the most effective platforms for your campaigns and business.

We start by understanding your brand, industry and marketing goals, and then carry out detailed audience research to best understand their behaviour, interests and preferences.

Equipped with this insight, we can select the right social media platforms that closely align with your audience and objectives. Our bespoke, comprehensive paid social media strategies include budget allocation, content creation, A/B testing and ad performance measurement plans to ensure your brand’s success.

  • Optimise ads for maximum impact and ROI.
  • Monitor ad performance to enhance effectiveness.
  • We develop eye-catching, compelling ad content.

Ad Creation and Optimisation

Our paid social agency ad creation and optimisation service is designed to generate impactful and compelling ads tailored to each platform and goal.

By creating ads with eye-catching visuals and relatable, engaging copy, we can effectively convey your brand’s message and convert those clicks into sales. If you’re looking to use the same ads across multiple platforms, we can optimise them for each specific platform, meeting platform guidelines to achieve maximum reach and engagement.

But our work doesn’t stop after the ads are live.

We continuously monitor ad performance and make data-driven adjustments to improve their effectiveness. From tweaking ad copy to adjusting visual elements, we refine your ads for maximum impact and return on investment.

Influencer Collaborations

When you think about it, influencer collaboration posts act very much like ads – a business pays for content creation and space on an account or platform that is frequently accessed by the target audience to boost awareness and visibility.

By collaborating with influencers, your brand’s message is conveyed in an authentic and relatable way, fostering trust and driving engagement.

Our paid social agency services manage the entire process, from outreach to campaign execution and analysis – and we ensure every creator collaboration aligns with your marketing goals and budget. Our expert team of influencer marketers can help your brand tap into new audiences, enhance brand recognition, and ultimately drive higher conversions and return on investment.

  • Drive engagement and conversions through authentic content.
  • Reach your wider target audience with expert content creators.
  • Boost brand awareness and visibility regardless of budget size.

Paid Social Account Management

Ensuring your paid social ad campaigns run smoothly is vital to a campaign’s success and effectiveness.

As a paid social agency, we oversee the entire campaign process, from ad creation to launch to conclusion. This includes adjusting bids to stay within your budget, managing timelines and ensuring your ads are reaching the right audiences at the right time.

We also proactively respond to real-time changes in campaign performance, making necessary adjustments to optimise results based on performance measurements. Our team ensures that every detail aligns with your marketing objectives while maximising efficiency.

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With precision targeting, engaging ad content and in-depth analytics, we can harness the power of paid social and propel your brand towards its marketing goals.

Maybe the number one benefit of using a paid social media strategy is that it has immediate, tangible results – your content’s increased visibility quickly earning better audience engagement and boosting brand awareness.

Our paid social agency services get you onto the front foot and ahead of the competition when it comes to driving a positive ROI and boosting social engagement.


Of all digital advertising spend was spent on social media advertising.


Of marketers plan to increase their investments across social media platforms.


of marketers report investing in building social media communities via paid social.


The amount of total spent ($) globally on social advertising in 2023.

Source HootSuite, HubSpot

“Submerge are SEO gurus – they go above and beyond.”

Julia Haycocks, Brew Republic Marketing Manager

Drive engagement and build your brand. Brilliant paid social on all platforms.

We're a Certified SEMrush Agency Partner based in Hatfield, in Hertfordshire. Our agency is fully in-house and 100% UK-based.

  • Cyber Essentials Certified.
  • WP Engine Certified.
  • SEMrush Agency Partners.

We’ve developed, created and succeeded in paid social media campaigns for major UK brands, including FMCG products in high street stores.

As a paid social agency, we build awareness. We create brands. We entice followers. We influence influencers.

We’re also performance-focused. That means we strive for a great ROI and fantastic KPIs.

Using in-app precise targeting tools along with industry-standard social media marketing platforms, you can make sure you only spend your budget on the relevant demographics, based on the detailed criteria you set.

Our tools also offer real-time performance measurements, allowing for more successful, data-driven decisions in the future. Paid social media strategies are also scalable, and can fit in as part of a wider social media marketing strategy.

Paid Social Agency - FAQs

Paid social media involves the use of advertising services provided by social media platforms to promote content to targeted audiences.

In a paid social media strategy, businesses invest in different types of ads, such as boosted posts or display ads, which are shown to a selected group of users based on demographics like age, location, interests and behaviours that are selected by the business.

Paid social media campaigns can offer immediate results and a measurable return on investment, and can be a powerful tool in any marketing strategy. They allow businesses to extend their reach beyond their existing followings, targeting users who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

The cost of paid social ads can differ depending on a number of factors – our team at Submerge can deliver a strategic assessment to help you get the best bang-for-buck when it comes to effective paid social spend.

Platform – Different social media platforms have different cost structures. For example, ads on LinkedIn might be more expensive than those on Facebook because of its professional audience.

  • Targeting – The more specific your targeting (ie, demographics, interests and behaviours), the more competitive it becomes, which can increase cost.
  • Ad type – Different ad formats like video and image can have different costs depending on the platform.
  • Time of year – Advertising costs can spike during competitive times, such as around Christmas or the summer holidays.
  • Bidding strategy – Costs can be impacted whether you choose cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or another bidding method. The methods available will depend on the platform you use.
  • Ad quality – Platforms like Facebook give an ad quality score. Higher-quality ads can lead to lower costs.

We recommend setting a budget before engaging in paid social media strategies.

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