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Strategic content audits. They’re your secret tool to outshining the competition. With Submerge’s content audit services, we don’t just analyse your content to see what's working; we identify the gaps and opportunities in your competitors’ strategies. Turn the tables. Lead the pack with insightful, engaging content that hits where they miss.

Content analysis

We assess the quality and relevance of your content. By making sure content serves its purpose we can boost performance metrics like traffic, dwell time and conversion rates.

Gap analysis

We review existing content to identify topics or areas that haven't been sufficiently covered or are missing entirely. Filling these gaps can help improve user engagement and SEO.

Competitor audit

We conduct competitive content audits to discover your competitor's secrets and learn how to beat them by making your own content perform better.

Content strategy

The insights gained from an audit can guide your content strategy. Learn what types of content resonate most with your audience, and what drives conversion.

Top-notch auditors. Expert strategists. We know the secrets to successful content.

It’s no good having a wealth of content if it doesn’t drive results. Analysing your existing content to identify its strengths and weaknesses can pay dividends. Hard work pays off.

Submerge’s content audit services are your key to unlocking untapped potential. We knit together meticulous evaluations, insights and competitive understanding to propel your content strategy to new heights. For us, an audit is more than just a check-up – it’s the blueprint of a solid content journey. By pinpointing gaps and aligning your content with audience needs and SEO trends, we help you strike that rare balance between user appeal and search engine love. This not only broadens your reach but also paves your way to business success.

Harness the power of our expertise with our content and SEO experts. Submerge redefines content strategy through our comprehensive content audits, accelerating visibility, engagement and conversions.

Content audits – the proverbial secret weapon of your digital marketing repertoire. Our tailored auditing services examine every contour of your content terrain, scouring SEO-geared articles, product specifics and social media engagement. Our experts carry out in-depth audits for a diverse array of brands, both B2B and B2C, providing the roadmap for your content to resonate, engage and convert.

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Content Analysis

Analysing your content is a powerful method for understanding your digital footprint. It’s the first step to making your content impactful while aligning with your audience’s needs. The objective is to extract meaningful insights from your existing content, enhancing its reach, engagement and achieving higher SERP placements.

We unite analytical prowess with content expertise, ensuring your content is not just resonating with readers, but is also underpinned by data-driven insights for optimal performance. Our content analysis services are tailored to amplify your digital presence and drive organic traffic.

  • Insights on how to engage and climb the SERPs.
  • Expert advice on content that converts.
  • Realise your content's potential.

Content Gap Analysis

Competitor and gap analysis is a critical step in mapping out your content strategy. The goal is to identify your content’s shortcomings and opportunities while understanding where you stand against competitors. The aim is to identify missing elements in your content that could drive more traffic and increase your SERP rankings.

We blend market intelligence with audience understanding, ensuring your content not only fills the identified gaps but also stands out from your competitors. We ensure your content not only fills the gaps but also aligns with your business objectives and SEO best practices. Our competitor and gap analysis services are designed to spur your business growth by highlighting your content as the ultimate solution to your audience’s queries.

Performance Review

Understanding the performance of your content is invaluable. How else are you going to measure the impact of your content? A thorough performance review allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Using both quantitative and qualitative insights, we make sure your content doesn’t just perform, but also aligns with your target audience. It helps in understanding your audience’s behaviour, uncovering what truly resonates with them. Ultimately, this knowledge helps fine-tune your strategy.

  • Uncover audience insights.
  • Improve content reach.
  • Prevent content pitfalls.

Content Strategy

What’s a sucessful digital presence without a content strategy? It paves the way for your content to drive meaningful engagement and increase your organic traffic. The goal is to create a roadmap for your content that communicates your brand story and connects with your audience, while aligning with your business objectives.

Ensuring your content is purposeful, enriching and optimised for the best SERP outcomes is essential. Our content strategy services are designed to elevate your digital footprint by increasing organic traffic. We position your brand as the go-to solution for your audience.

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Knowledge is power. Discover how your content performs and how to improve it to leap ahead of competitors.

Think of content audits as the X-ray for your content strategy. It sheds light on your content’s efficacy, highlighting potential gaps and pinpointing areas for improvement.

At Submerge, our content auditing services blend years of experience working with a range of national and international brands spanning both B2B and B2C sectors. We assist you in navigating your content landscape, recognising its strengths, uncovering untapped opportunities and shaping a clear path towards success.


Of marketers conduct content audits at least twice or more in a year.


of marketers say updating their content helped increase engagement


of marketers say updating content saw an increase in traffic and/or rankings


of marketers who reported a successful content marketing strategy focused primarily on improving content quality.

Source SEMrush

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Unveil the true potential of your content and build a brand that puts its audience first.

Take control of your content – it's your biggest asset. Our team of experts have decades of experience and can help you navigate the complexities of the search landscape with ease. We have the knowledge and the tools: we're ready. Are you?

  • Take control of your content.
  • Give your audience what they need.
  • Outperform your competitors.

Don’t be the one stabbing in the dark.

Content audits go beneath the surface. It’s about unravelling the intricacies of your content ecosystem. You need to assess the quality, relevance and effectiveness of your content. It’s not just about skimming the surface; it’s about deep-diving into the nuances of each piece and understanding the impact on your audience.

With a comprehensive content audit in hand, you are armed with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your content strategy. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so you can address them strategically. Then, refine your content creation process, allocate resources effectively and drive better results for your business with confidence.

Content audits - FAQs

A content audit is an analysis of all the content on your website. It involves evaluating key performance metrics such as traffic, engagement and rankings, with the objective of identifying its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

With a content audit, you can gain insights into what types of content resonate most with your audience, which pieces need updating or removing, and where there may be gaps in your content that could be filled to better meet user needs. It’s a crucial step in optimising your content strategy and ensuring your content aligns with your business objectives and audience preferences.

A content audit can give you valuable insights about your digital content. Understand your content inventory more clearly, identify well-performing content, assess content relevance and quality, discovering content gaps, gauge audience engagement and evaluate the effectiveness of your overall content strategy.

This information enables you to refine your content strategy, focusing on what works best and addressing areas that need improvement. You can make more informed decisions about content creation, distribution and optimisation

Content audits are crucial in optimising your content strategy. They provide valuable insights into what content resonates with your audience, what needs updating or removing, and where opportunities exist to create new content that addresses your audience’s needs effectively.

Without regular content audits, you run the risk of having outdated and irrelevant, or ineffective content that could lower your rankings. This can have a negative impact your brand image. You might also miss out on key opportunities to usurp your competitors and connect with your audience through new, impactful content that meets their evolving needs.

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