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Our eCommerce website design teams create high-performance, international commercial websites for major B2C and B2B brands. Secure. Effective. Scalable. All delivered by the leading WordPress web development agency in Hertfordshire.

Fully bespoke ecommerce

We build unique, original online stores that customers love and that drive sales and revenue.

eCommerce optimisation

Flagging sales? Broken conversion funnel? We add sales va-va-voom to online ecommerce stores.

eCommerce built for SEO

Products and services that get to the top of Google rankings thanks to our in-house SEO team.

Marketing automation

Reduce abandoned baskets, generate leads and increase global sales with our site builds.

Say goodbye to abandoned baskets and hello to sales-boosting sites.

eCommerce lets businesses sell products and services online. It’s a crucial step for any business. At Submerge, we help businesses, both in the UK and globally, set up and optimise their online stores. From handling international payments to purchasing journeys that drive up conversion and reduce abandoned baskets, our eCommerce website design team have built sites from smaller B2B to B2C sites turning over millions of revenue.

From WooCommerce to Shopify, we create 100% bespoke product listing pages and product description pages. Full inventory tie-in. International tax, payments and shipping. We use WordFence and CloudFlare with reCAPTCHA to reduce the risk of fraudulent payments, and LiteSpeed to optimise product images for super fast page loads. That means your customers get the shopping experience they need and you get the business you deserve.

We’re based in Hertfordshire and our team is 100% in-house and based in our studio. We don’t outsource or offshore. Instead, you get revenue-generating, sales-driving, bullet-proof eCommerce sites that take your business to the next level.

SEMrush Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner – giving you a fast track to tried and tested SEO experts.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a Certified WP Engine Agency Partner delivering professional SEO-ready web development at scale.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

eCommerce Sites Built For You

We don’t do off-the-shelf. With Submerge, your online store isn’t shoehorned into existing templates. Because our in-house, UK-based eCommerce website design team builds sites from the ground up, you get an online store that’s tailored exactly to your needs. Fully customised product pages. Carefully planned purchasing journeys. Individually designed and developed checkout and account sections.

We use the open-source eCommerce platform WooCommerce for a fully tailored e-commerce site. We fully integrate with CRM platforms such as HubSpot, and we’re an accredited WP Engine Agency Partner so you get a fast, secure store every time.

  • 100% bespoke to your requirements – from product to checkout.
  • UK-based 100% in-house eCommerce website design.
  • Integration with CRM tools such as HubSpot & MailChimp.

eCommerce Site Optimisation

When people shop online, they want a smooth and hassle-free experience. eCommerce site optimisation makes sure of that. It’s all about making an online store easy to navigate, ensuring pages load quickly, and that the site works well whether someone is on a computer or mobile phone. This isn’t just about looking good – it’s about making sure customers can find what they need and purchase it without any hiccups. This includes clear product pages with straightforward descriptions, high-quality images, and a simple checkout process. If a site is hard to use, customers might leave without buying anything. So, having a well-optimised site can directly impact sales.

Marketing Automation

Over 70% of sales are abandoned at checkout. Our eCommerce web design team create beautiful, on-brand sites that are geared for conversion. We work with tools such as HubSpot to create marketing automation workflows, including tackling abandoned baskets. Our in-house paid marketing team use platforms such as Google Ads to retarget site visitors to join up your PPC and display campaigns. We optimise site load, server resources and page speed so your customers get a fast, seamless shopping experience and retargeting that drives up conversations and reduces abandoned baskets.

  • Reduce lost sales at checkout and improve sales conversion rates.
  • Reassure with bullet-proof site security and data protection.
  • Harmonise paid advertising with effective retargeting.

eCommerce Built for SEO

It’s vital that products are described in a way that matches what people are searching for. If a customer types a word into a search engine, businesses want their products to show up in Google search results.

We bake SEO into e-commerce sites from the start. Submerge’s in-house SEO team provides technical SEO and content SEO support to eCommerce sites. We use tools such as SEMrush (we’re a SEMrush Agency Partner), Screaming Frog and Ahrefs to understand what your customers are looking for. Our in-house SEO write product descriptions and store landing pages that rank highly in search engines, driving traffic and sales.

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Effective eCommerce websites increase sales, reduce lost customers and capture data for future marketing.

We build brilliant, effective eCommerce websites and online stores using WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify. We’ve created sites that sell thousands to millions of products for both B2B and global consumer brands, across all types of sectors and industries.


Annual growth in UK online sales in 2022 (fastest since 2007).


UK share of global online sales in 2023 (3rd behind the US and China).


Average percentage of shopping basket abandonment on sites.


The average conversion rate across all eCommerce sites.

"I’ve been hugely impressed with the expertise of the Submerge team."

Tracy Seward, Marketing Manager, Praxis42

It's simple. focus on building eCommerce websites that grow your sales.

We've created and managed eCommerce sites for both smaller SMEs to global consumer brands. We know what it takes to create sites that deliver – both customers and sales.

  • Fast, secure sites.
  • Full payment gateways.
  • Inventory management.

eCommerce offers businesses a unique platform to sell products or services to a global audience without the restrictions of traditional brick-and-mortar setups. This not only reduces operational costs but also provides a convenient shopping experience for customers, available round the clock. With the ability to gather and analyse customer data, businesses can tailor their offerings and marketing strategies more effectively, ensuring they meet the ever-evolving needs of their target audience.

The digital nature of eCommerce means businesses can quickly adapt to market changes, test new products, or pivot strategies without significant overheads. With tools and analytics at their fingertips, companies can streamline their operations, understand consumer behaviour better, and forecast trends with greater accuracy, ensuring sustained growth in an increasingly competitive market.

eCommerce Web Design FAQs

Security is a top priority for any eCommerce business – and it’s the heart of all eCommerce projects at Submerge.

To keep your platform secure, it’s essential to choose a reputable eCommerce platform or hosting provider that complies with industry security standards. Regularly updating your website software can also prevent vulnerabilities.

Implementing SSL certificates is vital to encrypt data between the user’s browser and your server. Regular security audits can identify and fix potential weak points. Educate your staff about common threats like phishing to ensure they don’t inadvertently compromise the system.

Submerge uses platforms such as WooCommerce backed by Web Application Firewalls such as WordFence with full end-to-end encryption of payment details so you – and you customers – can rest easy.

We’re also Cyber Essentials Certified – a standard that most web design agencies don’t achieve – demonstrating our commitment to data security.

Optimising the customer experience involves making your website easy to navigate and ensuring the buying process is smooth.

Start with a clear site structure and intuitive menus. High-quality images and detailed product descriptions can help customers make informed decisions. Ensure the checkout process is straightforward, with as few steps as possible. Offering multiple payment options can cater to a wider audience. Lastly, make sure your website loads quickly and is mobile-responsive, as many shoppers now use mobile devices.

Submerge has a full in-house UX and UI team dedicated to creating accessible, frictionless websites that delight customers and meet business goals.

Shipping and returns can make or break an eCommerce business. For shipping, consider offering various options that cater to different needs, such as express delivery or economy rates. Clearly display estimated delivery times, and be transparent about any shipping fees.

When it comes to returns, a clear and fair return policy can boost customer trust. Offer easy return processes, and if feasible, consider free returns as a way to encourage purchases. Collaborate with reliable logistics partners to ensure timely deliveries and returns.

Effective online marketing starts with understanding your target audience. Utilise tools like Google Analytics to gain insights into your customers’ behaviours. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help your products appear in relevant search queries.

Paid advertising, such as Google Ads or social media campaigns, can drive targeted traffic to your site. Engage with customers on social media platforms and use email marketing to keep them informed about promotions or new products. Always prioritise genuine engagement over hard sales pitches.

Submerge is an SEO and PPC agency, which means we can help your new eCommerce site get off to the best possible start.

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