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There’s more to Google than just showing up on SERP. As a UK-based Google Ads agency, we can help your business do more than rank – we can put you directly in front of your target audience. No wonder we're a Certified SEMrush PPC Agency Partner.

Google Ads strategy

From your business goals to CPC KPIs, we build bespoke Google Ads campaigns tailored to your business.

Google Ad Keywords

We research keywords gaps, competitor bids and keyword opportunities so you can target more, for less.

Performance Max

We work with Google Performance Max and Google AI to max spend and reach across all of Google.

Bid and CR tracking

We never stand still, updating and refining your PPC campaign as part of our active management.

Effective ROI. Brilliant CPC. Fantastic Google Ads management.

Take over your competitors’ SERP with targeted our Google Ads agency services for your business.

Previously known as Google AdWords, this digital marketing approach is an unparalleled opportunity to display your business’s ads across Google’s numerous platforms, including the search engine, YouTube and a number of partner websites.

PPC models like Google Ads ensures you only invest when potential customers engage with your ad, guaranteeing efficient use of your PPC budget. By targeting specific keywords, demographics and user behaviours, your business can craft campaigns that align perfectly with business objectives, competing and outranking competitors who are gunning for the same terms. But navigating the fast-paced platform that is Google Ads can seem daunting.

With Submerge’s expert Google Ads agency team’s commitment to getting our clients the results they want, we’re here to ensure that your brand thrives.

SEMrush Agency Partner

We’re a fully Certified SEMrush Agency Partner – giving you a fast track to tried and tested PPC experts.

WP Engine Agency Partner

We’re a Certified WP Engine Agency Partner delivering professional PPC landing pages for CRO.

Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified and part of HMG’s Communication Marketplace for UK public procurement.

We work with brilliant brands

Google Ads Set-up

Setting up the campaigns in Google Ads, including configuring settings like bid strategies, ad schedules and location targeting. Ongoing management is key here for the team at Submerge, involving regular adjustments to bids, ads and strategies based on performance data to continually improve results.

This extends to the actual ad creative, too. We’re not a one-and-done agency. Our team are experts at writing ad copy and designing visuals that resonate with the target audience, encouraging them to take action. Ads are tailored to the campaign’s goals, whether that’s driving sales, generating leads or increasing brand awareness, and are optimised for performance across devices.

  • Data-led decision-making to build effective campaigns.
  • Analysis of low/high bid ranges for effective budget spend.
  • Google Ad creative written by experienced copywriters.

Google Ads Campaign Strategy

We start by understanding your business, goals, and target audience. This involves market research to identify opportunities and challenges. The outcome is a detailed plan outlining the right ad types (such as search, display, video, etc), targeting strategies, and budget allocation to meet your objectives.

Keyword research and selection involves identifying the keywords and phrases that potential customers are using to search for products or services that are similar to the ones you offer. It’s crucial for targeting ads effectively and involves both broad and specific terms, considering competition and search volume to maximise visibility at an efficient cost.

Bid Management & Retargeting

Bid management is about managing how much you’re willing to pay for clicks on your ads. We deploy strategies such as manual bidding for control or automated bidding where Google’s algorithms adjust bids in real-time to achieve campaign goals. Continuous optimisation ensures the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS).

This extends to maximising budget through retargeting and remarketing. This involves targeting users who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app but didn’t convert. Retargeting ads remind them of your products or services, encouraging them to return and complete a purchase or action. We just call it effective.

  • Clear PPC performance dashboards against campaign KPIs.
  • Real-time performance tracking plus detailed reporting.
  • Optimise ad creative and bidding strategies to lower CPC.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting

We use industry-standard tools such as Google Ads and SEMrush to track and report on Google Ads performance. 100% transparent, and 100% accountable. It’s your budget, after all.

Our team set up tools to track actions taken by users after clicking on your ads, such as purchases, sign-ups or downloads. This data is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of campaigns and making informed decisions to improve performance. We also provide regular reports to the client on campaign performance, including metrics like impressions, clicks, conversion rate and ROAS.

Our analysis goes deeper to offer insights and recommendations for future strategy adjustments.

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Google Ads allows businesses to reach potential customers precisely when they’re searching for products or services your business can provide.

Considering Google’s the largest search engine in the world, its huge reach makes it a very compelling avenue for businesses looking to grow their audience pool through digital advertising.


Of Google users have clicked on a Google Ad during online searches.


The average click-through rate of Google Ads (we aim higher).


Of smartphone users contact a business directly through search results.


Typical ROI rate on paid Google Ads.

“Submerge are SEO gurus – they go above and beyond.”

Julia Haycocks, Brew Republic Marketing Manager

Get immediate, measurable results that drive sales with Google Ads.

We're a Certified SEMrush Agency Partner based in Hatfield, in Hertfordshire. Our agency is fully in-house and 100% UK-based.

  • Cyber Essentials Certified.
  • WP Engine Certified.
  • SEMrush Agency Partners.

Our Google Ads agency services include the full monty – from ad planning and strategy to campaign set-up, management, bid optimisation, conversion tracking and analytics.

Considering Google’s the largest search engine in the world, its huge reach makes it a very compelling avenue for businesses looking to grow their audience pool through digital advertising.

The Google Ads platform is incredibly versatile, catering to all businesses regardless of size or industry, with a pay-per-click model that can make the smallest ad budget effective.

This structure also guarantees that even small businesses can compete in the same space as industry giants. The real-time data the Google Ads platform provides means instantaneous feedback can turn into instantaneous action, with your business able to tweak campaigns for optimal performance.

Google Ads FAQs

A Google Ads agency such as Submerge is dedicated to creating, managing and optimising advertising campaigns on Google’s advertising platforms.

Leveraging in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, we can help businesses reach their target audiences precisely when they’re actively searching for related products or services. By conducting keyword research, crafting compelling ad copy and continuously adjusting bids and targeting boundaries, we ensure your business’s ads resonate with the right audience and achieve optimal performance. Our expertise in analysing campaign data allows for faster, real-time modifications, enhancing your return on investment.

We think a Google Ads agency should serve as a strategic partner, guiding businesses through the complex world of online advertising to drive traffic, conversions and growth.

Google Ads operates using a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model.

Advertisers select keywords they believe potential customers might use when searching for their products or services on Google. Once these keywords are chosen, advertisers craft ads that can appear in search results or on websites within the Google Display Network. These ads can vary from text to images to videos.

The position and visibility of an ad depend on a bidding process combined with a Quality Score assigned by Google, which considers factors like ad relevance and landing page quality. When a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays Google, but the cost is capped at their set daily or campaign maximum bid.

Over time, based on performance metrics, advertisers can refine their campaigns to improve results. Additional features, such as ad extensions, allow for displaying extra business information like phone numbers or addresses. Through Google Ads, businesses can reach bigger audiences actively searching for their offerings and adjust their strategies based on data-driven insights.

We’re upfront about our Google Ads agency costs.

In general, for small to medium-sized businesses, monthly management fees can range from £500 to £2,000 on average, plus your ad spend. For larger businesses or more complex campaigns, fees can exceed £5,000 per month, not including the ad spend itself.

Generally, our clients spend around £2,000 to £10,000 per month on agency fees, with direct ad spend ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 per month.

Things to consider when costing up an effective Google Ads spend and hiring an agency such as Submerge:

Fixed monthly fee – Many agencies such as Submerge charge a fixed monthly management fee for smaller campaigns, irrespective of actual direct ad spend. This can range from £500 to over £5,000 per month. The exact fee often depends on the scope of services provided, such as campaign setup, monitoring, reporting and optimisation.

Percentage of ad spend – We generally adopt a common pricing model and charge a percentage of your monthly ad spend, which can be far more cost-effective for larger campaigns than our fixed fee structure. Our rate is generally 10% of your ad budget. For smaller ad budgets, we do have a minimum monthly management fixed fee (see above) to ensure the account is economically viable and we can provide the best service possible.

Setup fees – There may be some initial setup fees, especially for new campaigns, depending on the size and scope of the project. These can range from £300 to £1,000 or more, covering the cost of keyword research, ad creation and campaign configuration.

Additional services – we can help if you require additional services like landing page design, advanced analytics integration or ongoing creative development. These are quoted separately.

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