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We’re a leading web development, content marketing and SEO agency in Hertfordshire. We work with major global and UK brands to deliver effective SEO audit services, enterprise SEO strategy, content strategy, blog writing servicesoutreach marketing and social media that gets results.


We know the power that targeted SEO, WordPress development and content marketing can mean for your web site – it’s no wonder that 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC. That’s why we’re on a mission to create brilliant SEO content that boosts your web site rankings and grows traffic. No fluff. No marketing buzzwords. No thin copy. Just a highly effective, tailored SEO services that gets your website to rank highly.

Professional SEO marketing

SEO agency London – SEO audit services

SEO audit

In-depth technical on-page and SEO site audits to identify and fix issues that prevent your website ranking highly.
SEO agency London - SEO optimisation

SEO optimisation

Highly specialised SEO optimisation services including keyword research, SERP analysis, metadata and on-page optimisation.
SEO agency London - SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Competitor and market insights, keyword research services, backlink building and SERP SEO strategy designed to grow organic traffic.
SEO agency London - content strategy

Content strategy

Content strategy agency creating effective multi-channel content strategies, calendars and plans to maximise your customer journeys.
SEO agency London - content marketing

Content marketing

Website page creation, blog writing services, podcasts, video, social media and infographics that engage your customers and rank highly.
SEO agency London - outreach marketing

Outreach marketing

We create effective backlink campaigns to improve your domain authority, devise PR campaigns and offer guest post writing services.

Brands we work with

I’ve found Submerge to be incredibly reliable, flexible and helpful, and they consistently create great content.

Bill Wyman, former bass player Rolling Stones

Highly responsive and professional, they bring a fresh and innovative approach. I’d highly recommend them.

Ben Hitchcock, Sales & Marketing Director, Rivera Travel

Of the content agencies I have worked with Submerge has always delivered the highest standards and best value.

David English, Chief Marketing Officer, Start Up Loans

We’ve been delighted with Submerge and their wealth of knowledge of SEO, content and digital marketing.

Marie-Clare Dixon, Head of Digital, Riviera Travel
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About our services

We’re an effective Web development, SEO and content agency in Hertfordshire delivering digital marketing, Web and SEO services that grow traffic to your website and engage customers.

As a digital marketing, web development and SEO agency in Hertfordshire, we have a strong track record creating successful SEO strategies for major brands. We help websites to rank highly and win relevant, high-converting traffic.

SEO services

Our SEO work has helped companies in sectors including travel, education, personal finance, government, B2B, construction, healthcare and FMCG maximise their SERP performance. As a content marketing agency, Submerge creates content across the entire customer journey – boosting customer engagement, conversion and retention.

Our SEO services include SEO site auditing, SEO strategy development, SEO optimisation, content marketing strategy and content creation, outreach and linkbuilding, social media campaigns and PPC. It’s no wonder that 57% of marketing executives say on-page content development is the most effective SEO tactic.

Professional SEO company

Our team of content marketing experts include SEOs, editors, writers, designers, analyists, strategists and social media stars. Our content has informed, inspired and entertained millions of people, increasing organic traffic, brand credibility and customer engagement.

Looking for an SEO agency in Hertfordshire?

Submerge delivers highly specialised, end-to-end SEO services that get results. With the first five organic results accounting for 67% of all the clicks on Google, you need a specialist SEO agency that delivers researched, expertly crafted content that ranks highly in Google search results. High-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

We identify and fix technical SEO problems on your website that prevent your website ranking. We take time to fully analyse the market, identify competitive gaps to build your content strategy. We create content that boosts your brand’s visibility and SERP ranking. We deliver content marketing across channels, building backlinks and outreach via social media and PR.

Our SEO services work hand-in-hand with PPC and social media. Our approach means you get a maximum return on ROI, attracting relevant customers with a high potential to convert. We think SEO and content marketing is powerful stuff, and we can’t wait to see how we can help your business.

We’re accredited content specialists and members of the Content Marketing Association.

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