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Optimised e-commerce store for organic search with extensive guide and articles on craft beer and brewing.


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Following an in-depth SEO and content strategy, Submerge delivered a pipeline of content optimisation and new content designed to establish challenger brand Brew Republic eCommerce store within the craft beer industry.

The strategic challenge

At launch in 2020, Brew Republic was a challenger brand in the craft beer industry, taking on the likes of Beerwulf with a modern, accessible home delivery service.

It needed to scale quickly and onboard customers to its monthly beer case subscription service.

The band was launched by Direct Wines, owner of the Laithwaites brand.

“Submerge are SEO gurus! They go above and beyond and really cut to the chase with actionable SEO plans, technical know-how and expertly crafted content. The team are great communicators and their expertise gives us an edge in a highly competitive market.”
Julia Haycocks, Marketing Manager, Brew Republic

We realised that Brew Republic needed to be seen as the friendly beer expert, providing insightful advice on the craft beer scene, as well as showcasing some of the UK’s most innovative microbreweries. It needed to shrug off the stale image of ‘real ale’ and adopt a modern tone of voice.

We developed and optimised their eCommerce store for search, capitalising on the growing trend for craft beer deliveries during lockdown. We created expert craft beer guides and in-depth ‘meet the brewer’ interviews showcasing the art of craft beer brewing.

The result

With a limited PPC budget, our content marketing and SEO impact needed to be highly successful.

Our content marketing rapidly grew organic traffic from almost zero to over 12,000 visitors per month, with a 10% conversion rate.

We also created and set up an affiliate marketing scheme.