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SEO training London

Specialist SEO content writing and technical SEO training

SEO training in London and the UK

Keep your in-house digital marketing team up-to-speed on SEO with our dedicated SEO training courses. From learning SEO fundamentals to delving into technical SEO learning, our SEO training in London and across the UK is the best way to learn SEO for your business.


Globally, 59% of marketing influencers say they use SEO and social media strategy to increase website traffic. With Google receiving nearly 2.3 trillion searches each year and consumers conducting 70% of their purchasing research online, can you afford not to have your team ready for SEO?


We live and breathe SEO. We bring SEO to life in engaging workshops and day courses for marketing teams. We show you how SEO works, how to write content for SEO, research keywords, optimise your website for search and track your performance.


We help teams learn how to create an SEO strategy, how to build backlinks, and on-page SEO techniques that help your content rank highly on Google. With years of hands-on, hard-won experience, you can learn SEO basics through to advanced SEO techniques.

SEO agency London – SEO audit services

Learn techical SEO

We offer advanced technical SEO training that is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses looking to address technical SEO issues affecting their website. It covers SEO technical audits, backlink analysis, hosting and SEO errors.
SEO agency London - SEO strategy

SEO content training

Learn SEO copywriting with our SEO content training. Equip your digital marketing team with expert SEO tips and advice on writing effective content that ranks, including keyword research, on-page SEO structure and meta data.
SEO agency London - SEO optimisation

Backlink training

Building backlinks is time-consuming. We train marketing teams on how to source, evaluate and approach bloggers, journalists and publications to build links to your website. From co-authoring content to writing winning guest posts.

SEO training | London and UK

Content scheduling and planning tools
Content and editorial style guides
Content marketing SEO checklists
Social media content toolkit
Marketing MI and KPI dashboards
Tone of voice guides
Bespoke 1-2-1 content training
Group training
Content marketing guides and manuals
On-going editorial and creative support
Refresher and SEO booster sessions
Content marketing seminars and briefings

SEO training in London and the UK for in-house marketing teams

Our approach SEO training

SEO content tools

Successful SEO demands the best tools. From content calendars and scheduling tools, to teamwork collaboration and keyword research and ranking tools – we can advise, set-up and train your teams on how to successfully use SEO tools to deliver SEO that grows organic traffic.

Ongoing support

We're not a here today, onto the next client tomorrow kind of agency. It isn't how we roll. Instead, we're in it for the long-haul – your success is our success. We can provide on-going support, SEO monitoring and mentoring, SEO and performance checklists, and troubleshooting advice when you need it.

Team SEO training

Take control of your SEO and get your website noticed. We can train your team on how to create successful, targeted SEO content. From structure workshops to 1-2-1 coaching and development, we tailor SEO training in London and the UK to suit your needs, helping your team and business grow and develop.

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