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SEO audit service

Boost your site performance and fix SEO issues

Our SEO audit service

Your website works hard. It needs to attract, engage and convert customers. Our SEO audit service examines in forensic detail your existing website including structure, hosting, content, keywords and link quality. Our SEO audit service is a great foundation to tackle problems that prevent your website from ranking highly.


It’s easy for technical issues to prevent your site from ranking. Nearly half of all customers expect a web page to load in less than two seconds. And if customers leave your site within five seconds, Google will drop your site down the search engine rankings.


Our approach gives your site a competitive edge. We inspect on-page SEO to review the content and code and measure how effectively it performs in organic search. Quality on-page content is known to increase web site traffic by as much as 2,000%. We conduct a technical on-site SEO audit, examining factors such as crawlability, site speed and mobile friendliness – important, as over half of all customers are more likely to purchase from a mobile-optimised site. We delve into the keywords your site ranks for – and the one it doesn’t – to provide a clear map on what needs to be done to improve performance.


Our suite of industry-leading data and analytical tools delivers more traffic and more customers. Our comprehensive site SEO audit report gets beneath the skin of your site, helping support your future SEO strategy, SEO optimisation plan and content marketing approach.


Technical SEO audit

We use industry-leading technical SEO tools to examine your website in detail. We examine crawlability, how Google ‘sees’ your site, mobile friendliness, broken links, site speed, security and page errors to get your website fighting fit.

SEO page audit

You need great content to rank highly in Google. We investigate on-page SEO elements including text-to-HTML ratio, meta data, page structure, keyword focus, schema markup, SERP listing, images, content quality and internal links.
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SEO backlink service

External factors have a huge impact on SEO performance. We audit backlinks to identify and disavow toxic links that harm your SERP performance. We identify backlink building opportunities, and create high-quality links to your site.

SEO audit services

Site loading speed & crawlability
Mobile friendliness & SERP
Site page errors and issues
SEO site architecture
Meta data and schema markup
SERP listing performance
Content quality and readability
Page structure, links and images
Page and domain authority
Backlink referrals evaluation
Google Analytics performance
Toxic links and disavow services

Boost traffic with our full site SEO audit report

Our approach to SEO audits

Content authority

We assess your content for depth, authority and originality, along with how your customers engage with it. We assess technical elements such as bounce, dwell time, links and images through the content conversion pipeline.

Site structure

We examine the structure of your site, from its page structure and layout to URLs, page speed and indexing. It's designed to get into the nuts and bolts of your website, fine tuning it for SEO, SERP performance and conversion.

Reach success

We assess how your site performs on search engines, including how it ranks for keywords and how it appears in search results. We see how audiences discover, engage with and share your content across digital channels.

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