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Welcome to Submerge
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What we do

We create brilliant content that attracts and converts customers

Creating powerful content

We create content that works. We believe the best content is rooted in a deep understanding of your customers and your business. Our insight-led strategic approach results in more effective content that reaches, converts and retains customers.

Insight & strategy

We put your customers are the heart of our content strategies. We tie insights and strategy tightly into your business objectives, making sure content works hard to give you a unique advantage in the market. 

Content & copy

We don’t churn out poor, low-quality content. We think clickbait harms your brand. Instead, we create high value, expertly crafted content that informs, inspires and truly connects with your customers.

Reach & engagement

Content can bring customers closer to your brand. Like a magnet, great content helps relevant customers discover your business, believe in your brand and values, and become advocates for your products and services.

Know your customers

Insight & strategy

We put your customers and market at the heart of our content strategy plans. We investigate market trends and opportunities, probe competitors, and listen carefully to what your customers are looking for. We link these to your business goals – an approach that means you get quality, targeted content that customers love and share.

Audience and customer research

Competitor and market analysis

Opportunity and gap analysis

Strategy and content plan

Content planning & production

Content & copy

We plan, schedule and create multi-channel content written and edited by experienced journalists. We don’t churn out thin, ineffective content. We avoid clickbait that turns customers off your brand. Instead, we properly research and create informed content that transforms customer relationships and positively delivers for your brand.

Blogs and articles

Web site and organic SEO content

Customer magazines and newsletters

Social media and PR

Better customer relationships

Reach & engage

We create content that performs. Without targeted KPIs and performance monitoring, content is just words and pictures. We create content-led conversion paths, turning visitors into customers, and customers into loyal advocates. We reach customers across social, media and PR, and provide your business with the tools and training to do the same.

SEO and SERP analytics

Reporting and performance analysis

Monitoring tools and recommendations

In-house training and learning

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