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Analytics and SEO

Business insights on organic traffic, keywords and ranking

SEO analytics reporting

Investing in SEO means you need to know how your SEO is performing, how your site stacks up against competitors, and essentials from keyword tracking to ranking performance. We use industry-standard web and SEO analytics tools to provide a comprehensive dashboard on SEO analytics.


Analytics matter. With users visiting an average of 3.5 pages when coming from search, and that the average bounce rate for domains ranking in the top 3 spots is 49% it pays to know your performance. It’s even more important when you factor in that organic traffic accounts for over 40% of revenue across Retail, Media & Entertainment, Business Services, Technology/Internet, and Hospitality sectors. 


In search engine optimisation, measurement is critical for success. You need the full picture. Unlike many SEO agencies, we don’t limit SEO analytics to keyword ranking. We monitor the quality of organic traffic, how it performs for your business, and what it delivers in revenue, customers and conversions.


SEO analytics reporting shouldn’t be static, either. We use tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, AccuRanker and Moz to actively improve your on-site and on-page SEO. From creating new content to optimising existing landing pages, our analytics and SEO reporting keeps you fully informed.

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Measuring SEO results

Knowing how your website performs for SEO is vital for growing organic traffic. We assess how it ranks, what competitors are doing, and how to get to #1 on Google. We monitor Google search trends and help your shape your on-site SEO.
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SEO dashboard

Is your SEO working? Our SEO analytics reports tell you. We build SEO reports that help you understand organic traffic – from bounce rates and return visits, to shares and volume. Our insights help you boost SEO performance.
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SEO report

We track keyword ranking, assess organic traffic performance through the marketing funnel, and keep tabs on competitors. We provide an SEO ROI measure so you can see how much value SEO is bringing to your business.

SEO analytics services

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SEO goals and objectives

Delivering the best analytics reporting for success

SEO reports for clients

Measurable KPIs

We work with you to create measurable, realistic KPIs that directly support commercial goals and marketing objectives. We ensure KPIs are measurable – from keyword ranking and organic traffic to bounce and dwell time – translating them into actionable marketing intelligence.

Customer insights

How customers engage with content tells you a lot. It's invaluable customer knowledge that can help you develop new products or refine existing ones. We extract customer activity – from social posts to how customers navigate your content, and turn it into valuable customer insights.

Optimised content

From customer acquisition to conversion and retention, we look at each stage of the customer journey. We examine how SEO content is working across channels, optimising content calendars to increase ranking and grow organic traffic. We update content in light of Google updates.

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